Transferring a LTR Visa to a new passport

Typically, there are three different formats of LTR Visa depending on LTR Visa issuance location.

  1. A LTR Visa stamp in the passport (transferable)
  2. A LTR Visa sticker in the passport (cannot be transferred to a new passport, the visa holder must hold both former and new passports when travelling)
  3. E-Visa

In case of a transferrable stamp, you need to transfer a LTR Visa to a new passport, you must apply to have your LTR Visa transferred at the Immigration at One Stop Service Center for Visa and Work Permit (OSS). The required documents are as follows;

  1. Original former and new passports
  2. Transfer stamp to new passport form (Click here to download form)
  3. Certificate from embassy (Original one only)
  4. Copy of former passport with your photo
  5. Copy of new passport with your photo
  6. Copy of last arrival stamp in your passport
  7. Copy of LTR Visa stamp in your passport
  8. Copy of last extended visa in your passport
  9. Copy of T.M. 6 Card (If any)
  10. Notification letter of qualification endorsement which is addressed to the Immigration Bureau
  11. 1-Year notification card